April 2016

Provided authentication and brand-protection technology for admission tickets to the UEFA Euro 2016 Football Championship. Nanotech’s KolourOptik® technology was chosen due to its intense high definition full colour imaging capabilities and anti-counterfeiting security features.



November 2015

Collaboration with Hueck Folien GmbH for high volume production of a colour shifting optical thin film security feature. The OTF product is anticipated to initially be used in banknotes as threads and then expanded into other markets.


October 2014

Nanotech acquires IDME Technologies Corp. and IDIT Technologies Corp., which hold the licences to its core technologies.


September 2014

Acquisition of Fortress Optical Features Ltd., a producer of optical thin film used as security features in banknotes around the world. The acquisition serves as a platform to accelerate market entry for its KolourOptik technology, provides a strong reputation with world’s largest central banks as clients.


March 2014

Announcement of first commercial project – creating a custom security feature using nano-imaging for TED 2014 and TEDActive 2014 conferences in Vancouver, BC. Nanotech was engaged to help safeguard access to the conferences and jointly capture the TED brand using its KolourOptik technology. The security feature included a combination of TED’s iconic logo and ultra-high resolution lettering recognizing the 30-year milestone delivering “Ideas Worth Spreading.” These fully customizable images, which were produced with billions of nano-scale surface holes per square centimeter, capture and reformulate light waves into brilliant colours without use of any pigment or dye.



September 2012

Second roll-to-roll commercial trial completed, with metallization. Nanotech completed a second commercial viability test with flying colours, literally. Rapid metallization of over 1,000 feet of embossed material to create a mirror like reflector has been completed with no issues. This milestone validates KolourOptik technology is compatible with the standard processes of metallization for other security films and optics including holograms.

June 2012

Roll-to-roll, commercial scalability proven for high speed, efficient mass production of KolourOptik images. Nanotech’s nano-optic security technology is first manufactured in a large scale commercial roll-to-roll embossing process. Over 250,000 images were created, consisting of over 10 quadrillion holes.

March 2012

Design streamlined for 100 times more efficient production. Nanotech makes improvements to the design and creation of the master shim, so the time required to develop a fully customized shim was streamlined from months to a matter of days. NTS developed new patent pending IP in order to accelerate the origination time up to 100 times – making electron-beam based lithography a commercially viable origination technique for nanoscale security optics.


January 2012

First successful use of Nanotech’s technology by an independent third party. Third party suppliers successfully integrate the company’s anti-counterfeiting nanotechnology into existing manufacturing processes. The result is the first commercial samples of KolourOptik images produced outside of the company’s own lab, by third-parties. The yield rate among trial partners using the master shim was extremely high, exceeding all expectations – meaning all of the billions of nano-structures making up a master shim were successfully stamped or embossed on sample materials. It marks the first commercial application of nanotechnology in the field of optical authentication.



September 2011

Nanotech’s engineers successfully created their first large scale master shim using their newly developed ultra fast EBL-based process. This large scale shim now allows manufacturers to reproduce nano-scale holes in a variety of materials – including banknotes – in large volumes quickly and cost-effectively. On the shim, which is created using electron beam lithography, stand tens to hundreds of millions of nano-scale pillars. By imprinting a shim into a material like a stamp, the pillars emboss a grid of nano-scale holes, creating a signature iridescent effect. The large scale shim was 1 inch by 2 inch quartz with 1cm x 1cm if display area. The structure was made up of approximately 500M holes.

March 2011

Nanotech’s engineers begin development of an electron-beam lithography (EBL) high speed large area process for the creation of origination wafers. FIB based processing proves too slow and inaccurate over large areas (>1cm2) for wide spread commercial use.



December 2010

First test production shim developed to mass produce the technology using a focused ion beam. First successful origination of positive nano-structures for use as a shim or stamp, which is used to mass produce the brilliant and iridescent next generation security feature. The shim was manufactured on silicon for a total area of 250um x 250um.

March 2010

First integration of KolourOptik images onto a test product. First banknote prototypes developed showing integration into transparent window in the shape of a maple leaf.



September 2009

NTS licenses nanotechnology from Simon Fraser University spin-off IDME Technologies Corp.