3 Element Security Pyramid

KolourOptik® technology is the first technology to encompass the “3 Element Conventional Security Pyramid” all in one technical application.


Element 1: Overt

  • Aimed at the public as a recognition feature.
  • Easy to communicate and educate, – Simple – Unambiguous – Definitive.
  • No equipment required in order to see the feature.
  • Examples: Security Paper, Optically Variable and Pearlescent inks, OVD’s (Holograms, Kinegrams, Pixelgrams etc), Intaglio.


Element 2: Covert

  • Special equipment and extensive training are needed to use and view the feature.
  • Examples: IR up conversion materials in inks or threads, Laser readable materials in variety of deliverable forms, X-Ray fluorescent materials in threads, Raman Spectroscopy materials in inks and paper.
  • Aimed at tellers, investigators and collectors.
  • These features are detectable using simple yes/no methods requiring relatively simple portable equipment like UV light.
  • Examples: UV inks, threads, papers, watermarks, IR detection inks, threads, split numbering aimed at specialists, not intended for general disclosure.


Element 3: Forensic

  • Not intended for disclosure to the public.
  • Examples: Forensic Tags with DNA, Encoded Data

How Do We Integrate the 3 Element Security Pyramid Into Our Products?

KolourOptik Technology

KolourOptik Technology

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Optical Thin Film (OTF)

Optical Thin Film (OTF)

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