What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the study of extremely small objects, their interaction with each other and the manipulation of matter on a molecular scale to create functional materials and devices.

Really, really small pixels of colour

Materials at the nano-scale are measured in nanometres (nm). 1 nm equals one billionth of a metre.


Subwavelength structures

Nanotechnology in Nature

The wings of a Blue Morpho butterfly consist of billions of tiny structures, resembling nano-sized fir trees. These tiny structures interact with light at an almost molecular scale to produce the bright blue colour of the Morpho. The effect is created naturally through the reflection, refraction and absorption of light off of a grid of nano-structures that make up the surface of the wings. Butterflies have developed these nano-structures through a biological process that evolved over millions of years.




Nanotechnology and KolourOptik Technology

KolourOptik technology uses nano-sized holes to create vibrant colour images which, when illuminated, appear similar to an LED-display. It’s like we’re putting all the pixels from a big screen TV into a 2mm area on a banknote.

The nano-structures that make up Nanotech Security’s KolourOptik feature are 50 to 250 nm in size, which means up to 20,000 nano-holes could fit across the tip of a standard pencil.

How Do We Integrate Nanotechnology Into Our Products?

KolourOptik Technology

KolourOptik Technology

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Optical Thin Film (OTF)

Optical Thin Film (OTF)

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